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Insuring the Future of Work

How smart companies are working to close the skills gap

Early in my tenure as CEO, I asked our team at Guardian to become experts in the future of work and how workers can acquire the necessary skills to succeed. We want our people and our policyholders alike to be high achievers for current jobs and for long-term career opportunities. We also want to meet the needs of local economies and society.

Toward these ends, we chose to invest significantly in better understanding two areas in the field of workforce development: bridging the skills gap and preparing for digital convergence.  On the skills front, people need communications and collaboration skills as well as a baseline of technology skills. On the digital convergence side, they need to unify technology and business planning. They need to be data savvy.

Nowhere is that more poignant than among our own actuaries, the professionals who calculate insurance and annuity premiums, reserves, and dividends. Manufacturers have engineers, hospitals have doctors, and law firms have attorneys. Those who surround and support them are essential, but they are at the core of the business. Insurance companies rely on actuaries.

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