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Three Marketing Strategies to Build Emotional Loyalty

No. 1: Don't fake engagement

Not all loyalty is created equal, and if it feels like a simple transaction, it could harm the overall effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

That’s a takeaway from a CMO Council study on loyalty, which found that 43 percent of marketers identified their customers as being “transactional” in nature. The result of this is that, while another 43 percent of respondents called building deeper customer relationships a “top priority” in the next year, only 11 percent of respondents felt that their current engagement strategies were going to help them reach their long-term goals for growth, profitability and engagement.

“Too many of these organizations are building relationships with line items and invoices, instead of the actual people behind the voice and the transaction,” said Liz Miller, the CMO Council’s senior vice president of marketing.

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