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Trump's COVID Diagnosis Throws Election Into Chaos, Threatens Governing Crisis

What this could mean for the country

President Donald Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis presents a stunning new twist in a tumultuous year, throwing an election that is only 32 days away into chaos and raising the grave possibility of more American crises over governance and national security at an already perilous moment.

Most immediately, there is concern for the health of Trump himself, who as an overweight 74-year-old is at an elevated risk of complications from the virus, as well as for first lady Melania Trump, who also tested positive.

But attention will inevitably focus on the hubris of a president who mocked mask wearing and social distancing, ignored and downplayed the virus, courted disaster with packed campaign rallies, ridiculed his Democratic opponent Joe Biden for taking prudent precautions and even now says the emergency is almost over.

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