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Here's how to make your own keyboard shortcuts

You've gotten the hang of email filters or keyboard shortcuts. You're ready to start getting into some more advanced productivity hacks, but jumping into Python seems too intimidating. Fortunately, there's a tool that is robust enough for power users but accessible enough for everyone: AutoHotkey.

What Is AutoHotkey?
At its most basic level, AutoHotkey is a Windows application that lets users remap keys and create simple shortcuts. So, for example, you could put your Caps Lock key to better use by turning it into a mute button. This is especially useful if you use programs with complicated keyboard shortcuts. That one obscure Word function that is assigned to Ctrl-Alt-Shift-\] would be a lot easier to use if it was just assigned to F3, wouldn't it?

However, if you’re willing to learn some minor scripting, AutoHotkey can do a lot more than simply remapping buttons. It can launch applications, reformat text, or fill in long blocks of text with shorthand—for example automatically filling in “” when you type “@me."

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