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How to Bring Influencers Into Your Association's Advocacy Efforts

Consider those who already have a strong online following

When thinking through your cause-marketing strategy, working with an influencer might not spring to mind. But influencers are powerful persuaders who have built trust with their audiences. On top of that, influencers tend to prioritize authenticity—a useful trait for cause marketing—said Kristy Sammis, executive director of the Influencer Marketing Association (IMA).

“A lot of influencers won’t take work if it doesn’t make sense for who they are,” she said. Consider these tips to find the right influencers for your cause-marketing efforts and how to collaborate with them effectively.

Look Within
Before venturing out into the world of influencers, take a look in-house—the right influencer could be a member of your organization. “I guarantee that any association has members who are natural advocates, because they’re already members and they have a good following across social media,” Sammis said.

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