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How to Keep Narcissism From Turning Your Organization Toxic

An egotistical boss can infect the whole organization

Narcissistic leaders, you will be unsurprised to hear, are a bad thing. They lose sight of the big picture for the sake of self-dealing. They siphon credit from their colleagues and deflect criticism.

But worse than that, a new study shows, narcissistic leaders have a nasty habit of breeding toxicity in the organization. According to research published earlier this month in Academy of Management Discoveries from business scholars at the University of California–Berkeley and Stanford University, narcissists tend to create work environments that are overall less collaborative and less ethical. “Narcissistic leaders, by virtue of their personality, are likely to prefer and create cultures that specifically undermine collaboration and blur ethical boundaries,” according to the study.

To put it another way: Narcissists create more narcissists. The research showed that regardless of others’ own level of narcissism, they tend to follow an unethical leader and are “less likely to collaborate and adhere to high standards of integrity.”

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