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Workforce: Wall and Ceiling Industry Builds Up the Builders

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The skilled labor shortage in the construction trades has effects that extend beyond the job site all the way through to the consumer, says the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI).

“Increased labor costs, potential adverse effects on job site safety, and delays in project completion due to chronic labor shortages in key metropolitan areas are the most visible effects of the crisis,” said Chris Williams, CAE, AWCI director of membership. “Less visible, but equally impactful, are issues such as increased project costs that are eventually passed on to the consumer [and] overwork of the existing labor force.”

AWCI has partnered with coalitions and unions to promote careers in skilled trades, and members are creating futuristic tools to maximize workers already in the field. Williams says such advances include “lighter, more ergonomic construction products and tools [and] the deployment of cutting-edge technology like exoskeletons that [allow] workers to safely lift heavier loads.”

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