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Making the Most Out of Virtual Events

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The Scholarly Kitchen's Editor’s note: Today’s post is by Colleen Scollans. Colleen is a Marketing & Digital Transformation Consultant. She loves to coach, consult, and advise on the strategic and operational aspects of Marketing. She is passionate about driving business transformation through a technology enabled, data-driven and customer focused modern marketing design. Colleen was the former Chief Marketing Officer of Oxford University Press’s Academic Division.

2020 is the year of the pivot. Prior to COVID-19, when I thought of “pivot,” I pictured the Friends episode where Ross unsuccessfully directed his friends as they attempted to carry a large couch up a narrow stairway – all the while yelling “pivot”. While this might seem the most “unscholarly” publishing reference of all time, a mathematician published the solution to the Friends’ couch dilemma, proving all pivots, even the ones we need to make expeditiously, need some level of planning.

On September 30th, I participated in a panel at SSP’s Virtual Seminar: New Directions in Scholarly Publishing: Community, Collaboration, and Crisis. Our session, “Cancelled, Postponed, Reimagined: New Directions in Participating in Academic Conferences,” focused on the challenges and limitations that an online format brings, as well as some of the ways in which the pivot to virtual may change academic conferences for the better. The panel was organized by Vanessa Fairhurst (CrossRef) and moderated by Violaine Iglesias (Cadmore Media). I was joined on the panel by Nisha Doshi of Cambridge University Press and Charley Thompson of Bioscientifica.

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