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Spike in COVID-19 Cases Could Hurt the Presidential Incumbent

Ohio, Wisconsin and other key battleground states see jump in cases

Record-setting levels of U.S. coronavirus cases are coming at the worst possible time politically for Donald Trump.

The president, who has spent months attacking mail-in voting, needs a dramatic turnout on Election Day to have any hope of overcoming his sagging poll numbers and the advantage Democrats have with mail-in voting. But the spiking case numbers and rising hospitalizations in key battleground states could deter some Republicans from voting, even though the party insists that Trump’s supporters remain fiercely motivated to show up.

The surge in cases also puts Trump on the defensive and keeps the focus at the end of the race on his handling of the pandemic, which Former Vice President Joe Biden has made a central part of his campaign, with the president spending the past eight months downplaying the virus and insisting it would go away.

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