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Facebook, Google, Twitter CEOs Clash with Congress in Pre-election Showdown

Debate occurred around antitrust, content-moderation and extremism

This morning, Senate Democrats and Republicans grilled the chief executives of Facebook, Google and Twitter at a highly partisan, wide-ranging review of their content-moderation practices less than a week before Election Day.

Lawmakers on the Senate Commerce Committee convened the gathering chiefly to discuss a controversial, decades-old law known as Section 230 that spares social media sites from being held liable for the way they police their platforms.

But the hearing is a public trial of sorts for Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Sundar Pichai and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey; each appeared virtually and faced tough questions about the way they have handled hate speech, extremist content and election disinformation, including the most controversial online comments from President Donald Trump.

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