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‘COVID Toes,' Rashes and Hives

New research underpins the virus' long-term skin impact

Some COVID-19 patients experience long-lasting skin issues following infection, researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital have found, including rashes, hives and “COVID toes”, underpinning previous, limited research about a set of new symptoms associated with COVID-19 and yet another troubling sign that for some the virus will have an enduring impact. 

Research found that some patients reported skin issues for up to five months, though on average patients only experience symptoms for 12 days. This set of COVID-19 symptoms adds to mounting evidence that, for some, the disease can be long term — many are now calling this “long COVID.” 

Symptoms varied in severity, though generally mild, researchers said, and include rashes, hives and chilblains, the last of which the researchers have termed “COVID toes.”

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