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How to Build Strong Company Culture in a WFH Environment

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Most traditional perks and team building activities don't work the same with remote teams. You can still give your employees perks like a free lunch with delivery services, but they probably won't interact with their co-workers during mealtime, eliminating any culture building. 

As a serial software entrepreneur, I've managed remote teams for a decade, and have learned a few things about creating a distinct and cohesive company culture along the way. Whether you're only collaborating remotely because of Covid-19, or your company was always distributed, these tips can bring any remote team closer together.


Have a Shared Mission
The former DocuSign CEO Keith Krach once told me that every great leader should "have a noble mission," uniting employees under a common shared cause. Remote employees cannot be managed as closely as those in a physical office. Beyond having clear objectives and metrics to evaluate performance, a compelling mission can inspire remote employees to stay motivated even when no one is watching. 

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