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I Attended an In-Person Conference During COVID-19

What went well and what did not

I went to an in-person conference; did I come out with a great learning experience, a case of COVID or both? 

I attended a conference, my friends. A real-life, in-person, at-a-hotel conference. I didn’t go because I was bored or desperately seeking to reconnect with colleagues (those things may, indeed, be true, but they’re not why I went). It certainly wasn’t an easy decision to go. I would be putting myself and my family at risk. I was anxious. Was it really necessary to go in-person?

I went because it was a conference for people like me trying to figure out how to run COVID-safe (COVID-appropriate? COVID-adjusted?) events. At some point, and in some format, my association will resume in-person gatherings. What will they look like? Will anyone come? And most importantly, can we keep attendees safe? I took the risk because I wanted to learn. I wanted to take stock of how I felt during the event.

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