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COVID-19 Updates: U.S. Shatters Records of One-day Single-case Reports

More than 100,000 new cases were reported on Nov. 4, 2020

Months ago, the notion of the United States recording more than 100,000 coronavirus infections in a single day seemed inconceivable. But surging caseloads in nearly every state pushed the tally to a record 104,004 new infections Wednesday — and that wasn’t even the day’s biggest news story.

As Americans anxiously waited to find out who their next president will be, 18 states — including Kansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, Montana, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin and West Virginia — reported record numbers of patients hospitalized with COVID-19. More than 1,110 fatalities were tallied, pushing the total number of coronavirus deaths reported since February past 233,000, according to data tracked by The Washington Post.

With nearly 9.5 million coronavirus cases reported, the United States is adding new infections at an unprecedented rate. The seven-day average for new cases hit record highs in 20 states spanning every region of the country Wednesday, with the largest increases in Colorado, Iowa, Maine and Minnesota.

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