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Governor DeWine Reissues Mask Order

He said businesses could be forced to close if COVID-19 trends continue

This evening, in his address to the state of Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine said Ohioans must get back to basics to combat the surge in COVID-19 cases. The governor warned if the current trend continues and cases keep increasing, the state will be forced to close restaurants, bars and fitness centers. DeWine said they will revisit the issue on Nov. 19.

DeWine also said they would be reissuing the state's mask order, which was introduced in July, with three additional provisions.

Each business will be required to post a face covering requirement sign at all public entrances at the store. Each store will be responsible for ensuring that customers and employees are wearing masks.

A Retail Compliance Unit, made up of agents led by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, will inspect to ensure compliance. If a business is caught violating the order, the business will receive a written warning. A second violation will shut down the store for 24 hours.

DeWine is also ordering open congregate areas can no longer be open. He said the spread of COVID-19 is the parties after banquets, wedding receptions and funerals. He will be issuing a new order soon to place significant new restrictions on these social activities.

"As we wait for the vaccine, we have so much to protect," DeWine said. "We can't surrender to this virus and let it run wild until enough of us get the vaccine. It is advancing quickly and seeking victims in every community in Ohio. If you don't know any of its victims yet -- sadly, you will."

This article originally appeared on WBNS-10TV's website.

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