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Things Planners Must Do to Make Hybrid Meetings Successful

Here are four key tips

While hybrid meeting technology has long existed, the pandemic circumstances certainly brought the format to the forefront. Yes, this type of structure means extra work for planners—but it’s also a huge opportunity. And it’s not going away.

As industry professionals, this pivot really allows us to chart our journey and make meetings and events incredibly relevant, going into the future. High-end virtual components help people convene more frequently, share differently, recruit differently, sell differently.

We’re now past the initial panic that caused people to freeze when the pandemic first emerged. It’s time to focus on how we can pivot with the circumstances and utilize technology to enhance the experience further. We’re not trading face-to-face for virtual or vice versa; we’re helping people engage more often and better than ever. To help, I’d like to share four lessons I’ve learned and implemented with our clients during my tenure as Vice President of MGM Resorts Event Productions, MGM’s in-house event design and decor agency responsible for hybrid meeting production.

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