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Weekly Now: Apps to Connect Passport, COVID-19 Data Coming Soon

Jan. 26, 2021

When business travelers return to the skies in force, they’re most likely going to need more than just a driver’s license or passport. They might need COVID-19 test or vaccination records—and that could mean long lines at the airport.

Last fall, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced a technology solution to help reopen borders to travelers: The IATA Travel Pass, it said, will be a series of mobile apps that match passport data with biometric data to ensure up-to-date information and confirm that a person is safe to travel. The apps are based on existing technology and are intended for flexibility, given the number of airlines IATA works with, as well as privacy.

In a recent interview with PYMNTS, IATA Senior Vice President of Airport, Passenger, Cargo, and Security Nick Careen said that a digital identification strategy for travel was already in the works before the pandemic. The organization shifted it into high gear last year as it became clear that an identification solution might be needed to get travel back up and running after the crisis passes.

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