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Create Authentic Emotional Connection to Inspire Your Employees

Three requirements for a "good comes first" work culture

Recently I read Lamont Dozier’s book, “How Sweet It Is." Dozier is one of the most gifted songwriters and producers of our time, with over 50 No. 1 hits to his credit(!). One of the principles for songwriters in his book is to find an “emotional connection to your subject. If it doesn’t resonate with you, it’s probably not going to resonate with someone else.”

That’s a vital characteristic of effective leaders, too. Our best bosses engaged with us on an honest, personal level. They cared for us and for the work we were doing. They had an authentic emotional connection with us.

The problem is that common leadership practices today rely on antiquated Industrial Age command-and-control thinking. Too few leaders engage from an authentic emotional connection. Some leaders perceive “emotional connection” as a sign of weakness. Others perceive it as irrelevant to getting stuff done.

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