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Happy Employees Are 12 Percent More Productive

New research suggests we work better when we’re happy

Conventional wisdom holds that if only we pay workers enough, they'll be productive. There may be more to it, though. Recent research hints there's a link between employees' happiness and their productivity at work. Some companies are taking note—and already seeing the payoff.

A recent study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12 percent spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10 percent less productive. As the research team put it, "We find that human happiness has large and positive causal effects on productivity. Positive emotions appear to invigorate human beings."

Professor Andrew Oswald, one of three researchers who led the study, said companies that invest in employee support and satisfaction tend to succeed in generating happier workers. At Google, employee satisfaction rose 37 percent as a result of those initiatives—suggesting that financial incentives aren’t enough to make for highly productive employees.

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