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Four Steps to Bring Change to your World

There are some simple strategies to effect change

In the years I've been coaching clients and audiences on creating their own Life GPS® personal planning strategy, I've learned that identifying the outcomes they want to help create in their communities is often the most challenging component for people. I get that because, for many years, it was the most challenging for me, too. I think there are a number of reasons for that. One is that a lot of leaders' plates are so full with commitments in the arenas of home and work that it feels like there's not a lot of bandwidth left for work in the community. Another is that there is so much need in the world that it can be hard to even figure out where to start to make a difference.

In this week's post, I want to share some simple strategies for getting engaged in making the world a better place. For Diane and me and our team at the Eblin Group, we've concluded our purpose is to help build better leaders who lead better lives and, in turn, help create a better world. If the world feels increasingly complex, I think one reason for that is because we're recognizing how increasingly integrated everything is. Changes to one part of the system affect the entire system. As leaders, we need to be aware and intentional about our impact – on the people with whom we live, the people with whom we work and on the people with whom we share the planet. You can break it down or scope it in any way that works for you, but, collectively, we're all part of the same community.

Based on observation and personal experience, here are some strategies for making a difference.

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