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Lessons from Virtual Event Planning's Front Lines

What we've learned these past 11 months

The pandemic has presented a remarkable set of professional challenges for event marketers. With almost all of last year's events canceled, organizations that still rely heavily on events have been forced to rethink how to meet their business goals in 2021.

Simply repurposing what your organization would have done in person in an online format won't capture your audience's attention in a now-congested virtual world. A better strategy: Unearth the intent of the event and the reason for the marketing investment in the first place. With the right virtual event plan, it is possible to trade in-person for virtual in a seamless, well-thought-out way.

As with all good marketing, the best path forward is to hone in on the audience needs you're aiming to meet. Matching event types to objectives is your first order of business.

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