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Ten Tips to Boost Your Search Ranking

Content based on local events is one way to improve SEO ranking

Many businesses have closed due to the pandemic during an unprecedented year and time. This has pushed an initiative to get shoppers to shop small and local in 2021. The effects of 2020 have seen many large businesses like John Lewis close some of their stores, and other companies have had to let go of staff.

From the graph below, it is evident many non-essential businesses suffered at the hands of the pandemic as consumers are spending less money on non-essential items compared to the projected expectation of the year, indicated by the white dots.

Research has suggested that 70 percent of small businesses simply miss out on local SEO opportunities because they have no SEO strategy. It’s vital to be able to use SEO and its power as leverage, giving your business the competitive edge when it comes to winning over customers and clients. Most local searches are done via smart devices which turn into paying customers.

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