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An In-house Newscast Keeps Messaging Under Control

One association's challenge helped it become its community’s official news source

Leaks, misinformation, and misguided interpretations—just another week in politics? Not quite. The ramifications of social media overshare are everywhere, including in associations.

No association executive wants to see information shared on social media by members who are eager to spread what they hear through the grapevine before it’s been vetted and approved.

Rick Harris, CEO of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, found himself in that position late last year when he learned that members sometimes took bits of information and spread them on social media before APMP’s official releases, which caused people to form opinions before the organization had a chance to properly frame the issue, he said. In such cases, Harris’s team had to quickly play catch-up to quash the misinformation and set members straight with the facts.

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