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Why Nominating Members for External Boards Is a Core Element of Advocacy

Placement on outside commissions can elevate members and your association

While influencing legislation gets the most attention in the government relations field, a key job duty includes nominating members for important boards and councils. Placement on outside commissions can elevate members and the association and keep your industry’s needs at the forefront.

While influencing legislation and regulations important to our members is critical work for government relations (GR) professionals, there are some additional activities that are part of our core duties. One of these is nominating our members to outside boards and commissions that will best position the association to advocate for policy priorities. Successfully obtaining positions on expert panels and committees elevates the role and prominence of both your members and your association.

Promote Widespread Recognition of Your Members and Industry

You probably work with organizations, directly or indirectly, every day that have opportunities for appointments at the international, national, state, or local levels. For example, is your association affiliated with (or perhaps even a member of) another organization that looks at safety or quality for your industry? By researching and asking, you will find that many of these organizations have opportunities for stakeholder input or expertise as part of a board or other committees. Often, they welcome your nomination.

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