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Professional Membership Tip: Engage Members from the Get-go

It's a win-win for everyone

Finding out what a member wants from your association as soon as they join establishes an immediate connection and creates a customized experience—for the member and the association. That’s a win-win.

When a member joins or renews membership with the National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA), they immediately receive an email thanking them for joining. In the same email, there is a request to address three quick items: their company listing, whether they’d like to join a committee and if they would like to be connected with a fellow NAPA member to walk them through their membership. Each action item has a follow-up link for the member to click and add more information.

“The best time to activate a member is at the point of acquisition,” said NAPA Director of Membership Steve Shivak.

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