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Why Hope Will See You Through Stressful Times

Hope's a future-facing state of mind that can help people reassess their priorities

2020 was about staying alive. Everything else was fluff. This summed up an email I received from one of my readers. She still has her job, but it feels like hell because so many of her friends lost their jobs. She’s healthy, but that feels like crap, too, because she’s lost two family members to COVID-19.

On the plus side, no one has broken her heart, because she’s no longer looking for love. She’s saving money because there’s no reason to buy anything except food and other essentials. And she’s no longer gets disappointed in herself because she’s given up on self-improvement.

To say she feels stressed and anxious would be an understatement. But the struggle against stress and anxiety is not limited to her circumstances. Many people feel the same way.

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