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The Eight "Spokes" Needed to Find Alignment and Purpose

How to discover your purpose

What is your life’s purpose? Not everyone can answer this question, and many aren’t even sure how to approach it.

With our program, Leading from the Helm, Sicora Consulting has aided many organizations in maximizing human potential and driving organizational performance. One thing we discovered in the 30-plus years with that model is that individuals’ sense of purpose has a significant impact on engagement (thus, an organization’s success). This led us to the subject of the newly released book, Grab the Helm.

In the book, we dive into maximizing the potential of individuals – your potential – by helping you discover your life’s purpose and align all aspects of your life in achieving it. We do this through the individual helm – a model focused on individual purpose. Each spoke of the helm is one of the critical attributes that contributes to an individual’s success.

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