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The Soundtrack of History

How Black music has shaped American culture through time

Music and the performing arts have not only entertained the masses; they have also served to document history ― from early American music like ragtime and jazz to R&B and hip-hop and several genres in between.

Time and time again, Black musicians mirror what's going on in the world through their music and through providing music for others to perform. Sidney Madden is a co-host of NPR's podcast "Louder Than a Riot," which focuses on the intersections of music and culture. Her expertise as a music journalist gives a glance into how Black culture has influenced the music and entertainment industry as whole.

"Every genre that is born from America has Black roots associated with it, from rock 'n' roll to blues to disco," Madden said. "The fingerprints of Black creators are all over what makes American music so unique."

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