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What You Need to Know About Music Licensing at Your Virtual Events

You still need a license to play music

Music played at in-person events can add the right vibe and a unique kind of energy. It can have a similar effect for virtual events too. But event planners might be wondering: Does the difference in venue matter when it comes to music licensing?

For the most part, it doesn't, said Peter Strand, a lawyer with Mandell Menkes, LLC who specializes in intellectual property issues in the music industry. In a virtual setting, "If there's music being played, that is still copyright protected, and the performance has to be authorized," he said.

Strand, himself a musician, (his "70s band Yipes! once opened for Foreigner and Cheap Trick), notes that this is also true of event recordings, even if they will not be available in perpetuity. "Again, the fact that these are virtual, and that the recording may not be permanent … doesn't change that," he said.

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