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Wellness Initiative Helps Staff Destress and Better Cope Amid Pandemic

Create initiatives to help your employees cope

From worries about getting COVID-19 to the stresses of working from home and caring for other family members, the pandemic has been hard on employees. So, many associations have been looking for ways support staff wellbeing. Late last year, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) decided to create a wellness initiative to help employees.

“We were anticipating that we were going to have a tough few months at the start of 2021 until the vaccine was more widespread,” said Michelle Jones, chief human resources officer and vice president of the human resources division at ASHP. “So, we tried to think of something that we could do for the employees that would benefit them and bring some positive energy toward them so that they could be healthy in the new year. We also wanted to provide meaningful experiences for them, and that it wasn’t just about exercise, but trying to hit all the difficult points of the pandemic.”

What ASHP came up with was a type of Wellness Bingo. Modeled on the old-fashioned game where players mark off squares to get five in a row, this Bingo card included a variety of activities for its roughly 210-person staff. The activities were in five wellness categories: physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional, whole body, and general. Some activities were simple, like walking outside for 30 minutes, while others required staff to attend a few of the wellness classes ASHP offered.

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