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Three 3 Lessons in Avoiding Burnout

Stolen from emergency room doctors

Whenever I get the urge to complain about the dreary year I've had stuck in my apartment half a world away from family and friends, I always pause and think, "Well, some people have had it much worse than me." Towards the top of my list are frontline health care workers. 

I'm hardly alone in noting the unfathomable strain doctors, nurses, and support staff on the front lines of Covid face, but while we've all collectively cheered their dedication and bravery this year (and hopefully honored their sacrifices by obeying public health guidance), I doubt many of us have paused to consider exactly what mental and management tricks have helped them get through it all. I haven't anyway. 

Grit and professionalism can take you a long way, but as a fascinating recent Harvard Business Review article from a pair of administrators at the hard-hit Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) lays out, leadership also matters. The article outlines the steps administrators took to help their staff weather a year of unrelenting challenges. It's well worth a read in full if your team is struggling with burnout. But even if it's just your own sanity and energy levels you're worried about, the piece suggests a handful of useful tips. 

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