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Scientific Proof We All Need to Party When COVID-19 Ends

When COVID-19 is behind us, science confirms it’s time to party in real life

Annually, my mother and I meet up for an ad hoc Oktoberfest. We find a restaurant with big beers, Thuringer sausages and sauerkraut. We toast, sing songs and tell stories. And while I know both of us would attest that this one-night ritual makes us happier all year long, it’s still nice to finally have the scientific proof.

Because according to new research from Washington State University, published in the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, people who celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich report an increased life satisfaction from the experience. And while lederhosen, Wiener schnitzel, and flying to Germany might not be your thing, know that this benefit is by no means restricted to Oktoberfest itself.

"Oktoberfest is one of what I would call 'crucial events' that are tied to improving quality of life perceptions when they are perceived as unique, provide memories for attendees and allow us to feel good about our lives and experiences," said Robert Harrington, professor and director of the School of Hospitality Management at Washington State University, who was lead author on the paper. And taking part in any sort of crucial event can give you memories that make you happier long into the future.

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