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Why the New USPS Mail Truck Will be Even Dorkier

One suggestion: Make it even more utilitarian

The United States Postal Service (USPS), beloved for its adorable dog costumes, beautifully designed stamps, and being an American tradition, is redesigning its iconic mail delivery trucks.

The new truck, which will come to a neighborhood near you starting in 2023, will be designed and manufactured by Oshkosh Defense, a tactical vehicle manufacturer. The proportions of the new design, which has a slim, low-to-the ground front hood and super-tall carriage and front window, has caused some critics to note that it looks a bit cartoonish (either Pixar or Big Mouth, take your pick). Those kinds of comparisons don’t exactly read “sophisticated.” But initial reactions aside, experts say there shouldn’t really be a controversy.

Postal workers need dependability and reliability from their vehicles first and foremost. The truck, or as USPS calls it, the Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV), has a tall, boxy shape with rounded edges, a low front hood and chassis, and an extra-large front window—what you might call the truck’s forehead. The vehicle will have new features like 360-degree cameras, more braking and traction control, and a collision avoidance system that uses audio warnings and automatic braking. It also has more cargo capacity, which, the postal service says, will better handle higher package volumes due to our increasing reliance on e-commerce. In a statement, Oshkosh VP Tom Quigley noted that the car was built for reliability and easy maintenance, not necessarily for speed.

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