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Apply Pandemic Lessons to Evolve and Improve Your Business Continuity Plan

Adapt those plans to face new challenges

Almost a year into major disruptions caused by COVID-19, many associations are still living in the environment born of their continuity plans. However, the recent freeze and power crisis in Texas are showing that additional disasters can occur on top of a pandemic, and continuity plans need to be ready for it.

“In terms of business continuity issues, we have to ask: what happens if there is a secondary crisis?” said Bob Mellinger, CBCV, founder and president of Attainium Corp. “You need to handle that differently.”

Mellinger said it’s important to recognize that plans aren’t static and need to adjust to address new situations. “A good business continuity plan will be continuously improved,” he said. “There will be new things that get added, and things that will evolve. What you are doing now is different than what you were doing a year ago. And it will probably be different than what you are going to be doing a year from now.”

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