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The Brutal Truth You Must Accept to Write Well, According to Jeff Bezos

The man who banned PowerPoint is a master of written communication

You might be a tech genius, a gifted salesperson, or analytic whiz kid, but if you truly want to be successful in your career, you still need to learn how to write well. That's the word from a ton of experts, and it's also clearly the belief of Jeff Bezos. The Amazon founder famously banned PowerPoint at the company in favor of narrative six-page memos.

Writing well means not only being able to communicate clearly, it also forces you to think through complex problems. Writing, in short, makes you both more persuasive and smarter. No wonder Bezos is a fan.

So how do you master this difficult but important skill? As a professional writer I am always on the lookout for style tips and hacks to improve my writing. Many of these are useful. But according to Bezos himself these sort of quick fixes will only take you so far. It might not be what a lot of busy professionals want to hear, but if you really want to write well what you need is lots and lots of unbroken time to concentrate.

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