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New Book Reinforces the Positive Power of Membership

COVID-19 proves the need for associations

Mark Twain famously quipped when his obituary was erroneously published, “The report of my death is greatly exaggerated.” A new book, Membership Recruitment, references that quote as a parallel for the dire predictions about the end of associations and makes a compelling case otherwise, highlighting their vital role and the central force powering their missions and growth: membership.

The author, Tony Rossell, senior vice president at Marketing General Incorporated (MGI), began the book before the pandemic, but he says his respect and appreciation for associations grew even more when he saw them in action as the COVID-19 crisis surged.

One example: The American Nurses Association (ANA) responded quickly to nurses’ needs and developed on-demand COVID-19 webinars free to all nurses—not just members. ANA had 190,000 people attending its webinars around the world last year.

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