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Female CEOs Receive Professional Support in the Financial World

A new alliance addresses the unique challenges women face

A network for women executives that provides a lifeline not only for advancing their professional development but also for navigating their personal lives became a welcome reality when the Credit Union Women’s Leadership Alliance launched recently. CUWLA comprises women CEOs from 13 credit unions with assets of $300 million or less from across the country.

“We’re hoping to create an inclusive and safe space for women CEOs of smaller credit unions where we will share best practices, foster collaborative opportunities, and provide various levels of support and mentoring to each other,” said Lily Newfarmer, CUWLA’s founder and board chair, and president and CEO of Tarrant County’s Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas.

Many smaller credit unions are led by women, who must overcome gender-related hurdles within the financial services sector. A support system like CUWLA gives them opportunities to grow on a personal and professional level and provides them with the tools to help them expand their credit unions and better serve their members.

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