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Four Lessons Have Found Indispensable in Surviving the Last Year

As they adapted last year, they learned some invaluable strategies

As we approach the one-year mark of the pandemic and the shift to virtual, many associations have taken time to reflect on living and learning through this historic time. It's these lessons that cleverly inform us on how to best plan ahead. In 2020, it often felt like there was little time to sit back and relax—the industry was undergoing a radical shift; everyone had to scramble to master new skills and develop a roadmap.

Now, they have roadmaps. They've nailed (or at least grown comfortable with) being productive in pixels. Personify, a technology provider for associations, spoke to several association professionals to reflect on a trying year and focus on the best ways to move forward on a journey ahead.

Resilience Pays Off
Associations quickly pivoted from massive in-person events to virtual gatherings last year. And it wasn't just annual events, but also educational courses, smaller-scale conferences, board meetings, member meetings and more. Associations should continue to show up virtually for members and staff to project that "we're still here," said Jerome Bruce, the director of meetings and exhibits for the Association of Government Accountants (AGA).

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