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How to Manage Negative Facebook Comments

There are smart ways to respond and deter future remarks

For every three comments the average Facebook page gets, two of them are likely to be negative.

That’s according to research from INFORMS, an international association for operations research and analytics. In a recent analysis published in its scholarly journal Information Systems Research, researchers from the University of Minnesota found that, in an analysis of 12,000 posts from 41 Fortune 500 companies, negative posts outranked positive posts at a ratio of nearly 2 to 1. While positive and negative posts tend to get more likes than traditionally neutral posts, the negative posts tend to attract more comments, which means that the Facebook page creates an unstructured area that tends to attract negative feedback. Which, of course, isn’t particularly great news if you rely on social media to reach your members.

So what does that mean for your own strategy when managing the social network? Here are a few strategies worth keeping in mind when dealing with social media negativity.

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