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Daylight Saving Time Starts Soon

Some hope it will never end

On Sunday, Americans get to once more take part in one of our most vexing temporal rituals: Our clocks "spring forward" by an hour to enter daylight saving time, or DST. Then begins the countdown until the fall, when, with winter's chill creeping in and the days already shortening, we are forced to "fall back," exchanging an extra hour of sleep for months of darkness and sadness.

But imagine a world, if you will, where this nonsense is considered a relic. A world — nay, a utopia — where the entire year is spent in daylight saving time's warm embrace. This is a world that is possible. Congress is just getting in the way. Well, Congress and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Sort of.

You see, time is a fickle, confusing mistress, prone to all sorts of distortions and complexities. It squashes and shrinks, dilates and expands, until your only indicator of how much of it has passed is Netflix asking, "Are you still watching?" in that tone that manages to imply derision despite its neutral word choice.

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