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Re-envisioning the Future of Work

How to make this a 2021 board priority

Early last year, the idea that millions of Americans wouldn't set foot in an office for months at a time would have been unimaginable. Now, many have started new jobs – never having stepped foot in the office or having met their co-workers, bosses or clients face to face.

The global health pandemic has forever changed the concept of "work." Now, as the health risks begin to fade, directors need to understand how management is capitalizing on the digital innovations that empowered virtual work in 2020 for the longer term.

The phrases "work from home" and "remote work" need to be retired. Work is what needs to get done, not where it gets done. In this context, company management, boards and professionals must focus on "strategic work flexibility" – encompassing place, space and time – for a reimagined future of work that is empowered by virtual technology and based on a new mindset.

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