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Some Ideas for Developing a Conference Pricing Strategy

The free model is no longer sustainable

Last year, many associations offered their virtual conferences to members for free. But that’s likely not a sustainable strategy. As you continue to assess your conference pricing model, especially with the increase in hybrid events moving forward, here are two examples I’ve come across recently that could provide some food for thought.

Paying for additional perks. While not in the association space, Reuters Next has a pricing strategy that addresses something that many attendees have said they’ve been missing during virtual conferences: networking and informal conversation.

According to an article published by The Drum, most delegates will access the meeting’s content for free, but for around $700, people can purchase what Reuters is calling “professional passes.” These come with additional perks, including a post-event report and access to a networking program that allows passholders to schedule one-to-one meetings with other attendees and potentially even speakers.

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