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Five Reasons Your Association’s Dream Team Should Include Third-party Partners

Build a deeper bench of talented team members

It is March, which for many people across the country (and particularly those of us who live in college towns) means one thing: March Madness.

While those of us at home have filled out our brackets and are cheering on our teams during The Big Dance, coaches across the country are examining their rosters and making sure they have the right mix of people and skills to make a winning team. They look for talented rising stars who are coachable. Players who excel at working independently but also know when collaboration will lift the entire team. Teammates who can communicate clearly in times of success and in the midst of conflict.

It’s similar to what association executives do and the type of people they look for when building their teams. And while your staff are certainly the core of your team – your star players – it’s important for associations to build a deeper bench that includes third-party partners. A trusted partner can add to your association’s depth of knowledge and experience, open doors to new opportunities, and multiply your resources so you can better engage members and advance your industry.

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