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Are Hybrid Events the 'New Normal?'

One year into the COVID climate, we must examine where we are

We’re now officially one year into the pandemic and probably the most common question on the top of everyone’s mind is when will things return to normal? A great question that is extremely tough to answer, simply because it evokes a larger question – what’s “normal?”

There is little question that much has changed in the past year – in our business and personal lives. The impact of those changes will have an effect on how we go about our lives for years to come. Associations have not been immune from the challenges presented by COVID-19, as they work to safely and effectively stay engaged and provide value to their members during the pandemic. For many organizations that has meant stepping out of their comfort zones and into the virtual world for the first time.

Keeping that in mind, a good question to ponder is what has been the real-world impact of conducting meetings in this new environment?  From CE21’s perspective, we experienced a 1500 percent increase in the virtual and hybrid conferences we hosted in 2020 alone. During that period, we experienced ten years of evolution in the relative growth of online education and e-commerce as a result of COVID-19.

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