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The Lazy Gamer’s Guide to Cable Management

Here's how to tidy up

Cable management is for 'try-hards.' That's what I told myself until a couple of weeks ago, when I again found myself parting the great, tangled seafloor of ethernet cables to vacuum my office.

Whereas wireless connectivity is the norm for movie buffs and even audiophiles these days, gamers have made life difficult for ourselves. We've named latency as our enemy. So we're still snaking our three HDMIs up from our three consoles to our televisions, still winding three ethernet cables from our modems to those three consoles. And, of course, we're still plugging those three consoles into the wall. After a year staying home and accumulating both gaming gear and office equipment, my floor looks like the bottom of Strega Nona's pasta pot.

There are fixes, of course. Look up any video intended to guide gamers on their cable management journey and you'll find a YouTube thumbnail of a bleached-smile normie holding a drill and several finger traps (these are cable clips)—high-stakes and high-effort "home improvement" "projects." Personally, I am not about to perform surgery on my desk. And if I have six extra hours on my hands, I am not going to spend them belly-up on the floor of my office. I am going to spend them gaming.

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