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How to Log In to Your Devices Without Passwords

You can use your face, fingerprint or a wearable to get access to your gadgets

You might be used to typing out a lengthy password every time you log in to your computer, and it's essential that you have one in place—otherwise anyone could come along and get at your files and apps. But what if we told you there was a better way?

Both Windows and macOS support various biometric security options now for logging in to your user account, as we'll outline below. Not only are these options very convenient, they're also pretty secure: You can't steal a face or a fingerprint as easily as you may steal a password.

Similar options are available on phones, though in the case of Android and iOS you're only saving the time it takes to type out a PIN rather than a password. Still, it's very much worth getting face or fingerprint recognition set up.

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