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What Leaders Can Do About Vaccine Hesitancy

New research suggests the 'moveable middle' can be swayed

It's easy to imagine that all Americans are eagerly anticipating their chance to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The reality is not quite so simple: The American workforce is sharply divided on vaccination.

Despite the epidemiological, economic and societal imperatives for getting employees vaccinated, almost a third of American workers plan to take a "wait and see" approach to getting the jab. Personal fear is overtaking responsibility.

To understand the reasons for vaccine hesitancy and determine the messages that can move people to acceptance, Buck commissioned Leading Indicator Systems to conduct and analyze the results of a nationally representative online survey of 820 full-time workers employed by companies with at least 20 employees. Our survey data shows that while only 6 percent are hardcore "anti-vaxxers," there are varying levels of anti-vaxxer sentiments within the rest of the employee population.

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