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Small Business Leaders Need to Become Vaccine Evangelists

Small businesses are the key to reopening the economy

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted every industry of our nation's economy. Hardest hit were small businesses, especially in communities of color. Many have been forced to close and more are struggling to stay open. The only way to change this trend is by fully reopening the economy, and that cannot happen until enough Americans are vaccinated. The group that can be the most effective in this area is also the most impacted by the pandemic: small business owners.  

Small business is the most trusted institution in the United States, according to Gallup, and represents more than 90 percent of all businesses in the country. Business ownership is also a proven path to addressing the racial wealth gap. Before the pandemic, 43 percent of small businesses were opened in low-wealth communities, creating jobs and income in these economically disadvantaged areas. 

A completely reopened economy will allow businesses to operate at full capacity, bring normalcy back to communities, and reduce staffing issues caused by COVID-19 exposure and infection. 

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