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Tools to Raise Your Note-taking to the Next Level

Not everyone still uses paper

Recently, we asked readers about the strategies they use to take handwritten notes, then showcased their methods—multiple notebooks, different writing colors, specific organization styles and even notes that look more like mind maps than bulleted lists.

But not everyone uses just paper. Some of the note takers who shared their styles with us use digital tools as well. These are some of the ways that association pros combine the best of digital and analog note-taking.

Try voice transcription. Taking notes by hand is only the first step for Glenn Tecker, CEO of Tecker International. He writes notes “with pen on notepad—including diagrams and symbols to identify input, ideas and decisions,” he said. Then he speaks the notes into his computer and uses word-recognition software, such as Nuance Dragon, to create digital records that are both audio- and text-based.

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