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The Importance of Having a Product-development Process

This requires a new, long-term mindset

As associations look to achieve steady revenue in this pandemic-recovery economy, many are launching new products. Last week, experts suggested that developing products for the long haul requires a slightly different mindset than some of the short-term products deployed last year during the height of the pandemic. And once you have that mindset in place, it’s important to follow a process to make sure the new products you launch have the power to last.

“A lot of organizations don’t have the resources or the structure or framework for proper product development and management processes,” said Craig Dykstra, senior marketing consultant at McKinley Advisors. “They are willing and able to roll up their sleeves and dig into these problems, but they don’t necessarily know exactly what the proper processes and workflows are in order to efficiently and effectively develop, manage or pivot new products or existing products to generate the revenue or engagement they’re looking for.”

That process can generally be boiled down to a handful of steps. Jennifer Blenkle, director of new product development and strategic initiatives at the American Physiological Society, said APS streamlined the steps needed for developing long-term revenue-generating products.

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